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We (Lou and Mike) love that you are interested in reading more about our little Aussie business.

​Beads for Eva started in January 2016 out of a desire to return to creative roots, cast off the shackles of corporate life and create beautiful, original, high quality statement Jewellery.  And doing regular Artisan Markets is a lovely way to spend a Sunday !


While creating beautiful unique one-of-a-kind pieces our products have branched out into Eco Resin jewellery and Eco Resin and Australian wood homewares.

All our resin and wood products are handmade from scratch in our carport which doubles as our Sydney workshop (but it gets pretty cold in Winter !).


We take pride in creating high quality products from responsibly sourced environmentally friendly elements such as sustainable and recycled woods, eco resins and recycled and locally made packaging.


So why the name Beads for Eva.  We’d come up with “Beads for…” (good start I know).  Then our little Tonkinese kitten jumped up on the table and a name was born (her name is Eva). Simple as that.

And our wooden range is under the new name “Wallywood”.  And yep – that’s after our other cat Wally who was feeling left out.


We hope you love our pieces and they bring you as much pleasure as they brought us in making them.  Thank you for supporting us so we can spend more time making and creating in our happy place (the workshop, no matter what the temperature).


Quality never goes out of style !


Lou and Mike

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Unique original designs

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