About our Resin Jewellery

The process:

I design each piece (usually in those inspired 'light bulb' moments you have as drift off to sleep) then make notes and drawings in the morning. 

Once I'm happy with the concepts I hand cast (technical term for combining the ingredients and very carefully pouring them) into a variety of moulds.

Then we have to wait 24 hours to de-mould.  Then the really long wait begins where they cure for 7 days. 

Once fully cured we sand and we sand and we sand some more (all by hand) till they are beautiful and smooth then Mike gets on to the buffing and polishing and hey presto, our finished bracelets are ready to be packed into lovely fully recycled black and corrugated Aus Made boxes ready for you to take home.

Eco Resin

After much research and in keeping with our sustainability ethos, we have chosen to use an Eco Resin product for all our casting.  Our resin comes from the USA (who are currently at the forefront of this technology) and is mostly made up of by-products from various other industries and bio/plant based products.

Care Instructions

- To bring back the shine: if they become dull over time a little moisturiser (yep seriously) will bring back the shine (and make them smell nice too)

- They can be washed in cold water with a soft cloth (don’t use detergents or hot water).

- Due to the nature of the environmental Eco Resin we use, keep out of very high temperatures as the product may soften (so don't leave it on your car on a hot day while you pop to the shops).

-  This product should not fade or discolour over time.

Due to the handmade nature of our resin products there may be minor imperfections.  That's how you know it's not mass produced overseas.

Some of my morning design ideas

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